Second Edition

In March, 2018, I took my book off the retail market, largely for personal reasons. Some readers felt that my honesty had transgressed their privacy boundaries. Though my words were honest and faithful to what I’ve experienced, I honored those concerns of others. 

Nearly five years have now passed since I began the first draft of the memoir. I want to share my experiences and beliefs as told in the original, but not at the expense of causing pain to anyone else. So, I have for the better part of the last year been revising the original, partly to add an update, but also to temper the parts that were problematic for a small number of readers. 

The substance of my story will in no way be changed. But, I hope, my telling of it will be improved. Stay tuned for the “second edition” some time in the coming year.

(October, 2019)

© Greg Stidham  2016